The possibility of growing an inner skin– 2022

The installation was created for the 'meltdown' exhibition, which was a follow-up to the DOOM exhibition in 2021, in June 2022. 

Exhibiting artists: Ádám Jeneses, Ádám Horváth, Ágoston Balázs Kiss, Áron Lőrincz, Eszter Metzing, Viktória Noémi Veres

Curator: Bettina Bence

„Falling from one crisis to another, we are still experiencing a periodic reshaping of the impairment. The whole existence becomes homogeneous, a single state sets off as universal and we are only able to percieve anything through its filter. Our previous coping mechanisms are no longer workings at is factorily, overcoming is failed. With total uncertainty and the persistence of the crisis. The ability to control reality decreases unnoticeably and anxiety becomes even more intense. Can the individual actually feel complete unless it is injured or restricted in someway?” – Bettina Bence

The formator does not become dead by constantly demanding the formless, because without the negativity of death, life becomes dead. Without weakness, fragility, threat, unity is broken and becomes empty. It is this divergence that constitutes harmony, while from the point of view of fear there is always something inert that we can do to accept it.

The installation is based on the functioning of human inner processes that are a natural part of survival. Everyday events, lived experiences, grievances that need to be processed are an integral part of our collective and personal lives. We are constantly exposed to the overriding of life situations that every individual experiences from birth to death. Pandemics, wars, climate disasters and individual personal life experiences all offer the only possibility for progress, to adapt, to accept and build on the specificities of the situation, which always evolves as an organic, unpredictable process. As we try to make the best of any given opportunity, we grow an imprint of our experiences, an invisible material of grievances, memories, which also leaves an organic, unpredictable imprint that we carry on. The textile installation is an attempt to display such an imaginary image of imprints, of which the working process and the behaviour of the specific material was an important part. The skin-coloured latex allows us to associate with the human body, with living skin, while sewing.


Eszter Metzing © 2022

Commissioned work

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